Doon Castle

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Doon Castle

County Mayo

Doon castle (2266044734).jpg
Doon Castle
Grid reference: M04188399
Location: 53°47’48"N, 9°27’18"W
Condition: Bare ruins

‘’’Doon Castle’’’ is a ruined castle in County Mayo, on a hill in the townland of the same name, in the parish of Aughagower approximately four miles from Westport. Little remains of Doon Castle today.

The name of the castle in today's Irish is ‘’Caisleán an Dúin’’, tautologously meaning ‘Fort Castle’. The name is from that of an earlier, Gaelic fortress on the site known as Dún Mughdhord.

In 1133 Cormac MacCarthy and Conor O'Brien invaded Connaught and plundered much of the country, destroying Dún Mughdhord and Dunmore.[1]

The Norman Castle of Doon appears to have been built on the site of the old Irish Dún Mughdhord.[2] The castle has almost disappeared.[2] The castle is in the townland of Dooncastle.[2] According to local accounts, the stones of the castle were used by Lord Sligo in the building of Westport House.[2] The castle is on a hill 150 feet in height and gave excellent views to the east and southeast to Islandeady and Aille, where the other McPhilpin castles were.[2] The space on the hill is in the shape of an ellipse 40-60 yards x 20 yards.[2] The castle was rectangular and measured about 40 feet x 27 feet.[2] The space between the main castle and the outer fortifications was not great.[2]

According to Knox, the McPhilpins held the castles of Ayle and Aghle and Doon in the Barony of Burrishoole and Bellabourke and the New Castle near Castlebar in the Barony of Carra.[3]


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