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O'Brien's Bridge

The Crossings of the River Shannon are several and varied, including bridges, tunnels, ferries and fords, as the River Shannon is the longest river in Ireland, running from its source in the Shannon Pot to the Shannon Estuary where the river widens and enters the Atlantic Ocean.

Bridges not primarily intended for public use but which have limited access (generally only in the daytime and only for bicycle and foot traffic) are not included.


In order, moving downstream, there are:

Crossing Date Coordinates Locality Notes Image
Shannon Pot 54°14’5"N, 7°55’8"W The source of the River Shannon Shannon Pot (474383119).jpg
Bradán Feasa Footbridge 54°14’5"N, 7°55’10"W Shannon Pot, County Cavan Footbridge, built by the OPW, which crosses the infant Shannon about 20 yards downstream of the Shannon Pot
Dowra Bridge 1862 54°11’23"N, 8°-0’51"W Dowra, County Cavan Last crossing above Lough Allen. Carries the R200 between Counties Cavan and Leitrim. Dowra Bridge.jpg
Bellintra Bridge 54°3’40"N, 8°3’35"W Derrynadooey, County Roscommon First crossing below Lough Allen. Carries a local road Bellantra Bridge - - 798107.jpg
R280 Bridge 54°3’18"N, 8°4’5"W Aghafin, County Roscommon/Mahanagh, County Leitrim Carries the R280 between Counties Roscommon and Leitrim.
Battlebridge 53°59’47"N, 8°4’43"W Battlebridge (Roscommon); Drumhierny (Leitrim) Carries the R284 between Counties Roscommon and Leitrim.
Hartley bridge 53°58’2"N, 8°5’42"W Cleaheen (Roscommon Carries a minor road between Counties Roscommon and Leitrim. Hartley Bridge - - 918953.jpg
Carrick Bridge 1846 53°56’35"N, 8°5’45"W Carrick-on-Shannon, County Leitrim Carries the N4 between Roscommon and Leitrim. Replaced an earlier bridge. Carrick Bridge, Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Leitrim (geograph 2729586).jpg
Lough Tap Railway Bridge 53°54’22"N, 7°59’34"W Lough Tap, Border of Co. Roscommon & Leitrim Carries the Dublin–Sligo railway line. Replaced existing bridge dated from 1862.
The Jamestown Canal bypasses a non-navigable section of the River Shannon between Jamestown and Drumsna
main Shannon crossings
Jamestown Bridge 1800s 53°55’25"N, 8°1’47"W East of Jamestown, County Leitrim First of two bridges carrying the L3656 from Jamestown to Drumsna through the northern tip of County Roscommon
Drumsna Bridge 1800s 53°55’29"N, 8°-0’41"W Southwest of Drumsna, County Leitrim Second of two bridges carrying the L3656 Stone bridge at Drumsna.jpg
Jamestown canal crossings
Unnamed Jamestown Canal Bridge (1) 53°55’7"N, 8°1’54"W County Roscommon, Half a mile of Jamestown Carries a minor road
Unnamed Jamestown Canal Bridge (2) c.1850 53°54’46"N, 8°1’6"W Corry, Co. Roscommon Carries a local road towards Strokestown Bridge on the Jamestown Canal, Co. Roscommon (geograph 3071300).jpg
The Jamestown canal rejoins the Shannon at Lough Nanoge
Roosky Bridge 1840-1850 53°49’57"N, 7°55’7"W Roosky, Co. Roscommon Carries the R371 between Counties Roscommon and Leitrim through Roosky. RooskyOldBuilding Feb 2003 169.jpg
Tarmonbarry Bridge 53°44’32"N, 7°55’3"W East of Tarmonbarry, Co. Roscommon Carries the N5 between Counties Roscommon and Longford. River Shannon, View from the N5 Bridge in Termonbarry - - 539253.jpg
Bord na Móna rail bridge 53°42’2"N, 7°59’5"W Private. Narrow-gauge rail line, used to transport peat from bog to nearby power station.
Lanesboro Bridge 1971 53°40’27"N, 7°59’33"W Lanesborough Last crossing above Lough Ree. Links Lanesborough, on the Longford (east) bank and Ballyleague, on the Roscommon (west) bank of the river. Bridge over the River Shannon at Lanesborough - - 1475539.jpg
Cumann na mBan Bridge 1991 53°25’56"N, 7°57’21"W North of Athlone First crossing below Lough Ree. Carries the M6/N6 Athlone bypass. The 'Athlone Relief Road - Shannon Bridge'; renamed in 2015
White Bridge 1850 53°25’38"N, 7°56’45"W Athlone 200 yards west of Athlone railway station Railway Bridge over the Shannon, Athlone - - 113118.jpg
Road Bridge Athlone 53°25’25"N, 7°56’31"W Athlone Carries Custume Place (the R446) Athlone.jpg
bridge to Long Island (West bank only) 53°22’41"N, 7°55’8"W Long Island, Leamore, County Roscommon Private local road. Links Long Island to the west bank.
Shannonbridge completed in 1757 53°16’47"N, 8°3’3"W Shannonbridge, County Offaly Carries the R357 from Shannonbridge to County Roscommon Shannonbridge .jpg
Banagher Bridge 1841–1843 (widened 1971) 53°11’36"N, 7°59’33"W Northwest of Banagher Carries the R356 between Counties Offaly and Galway. BanagherBridge.jpg
Portumna Bridge 1911 53°5’28"N, 8°11’38"W East of Portumna Last crossing above Lough Derg. Carries the N65 and connects Lehinch island to both banks. Portumna Bridge - the approach from the South - - 585647.jpg
Killaloe Bridge c.1770 52°48’29"N, 8°26’21"W Between Ballina, County Tipperary and Killaloe, County Clare First crossing below Lough Derg. A single lane road bridge Bridge between Ballina and Killaloe - - 1780203.jpg
The Ardnacrusha power plant headrace canal splits off from the Shannon c.4 km south of Killaloe
main Shannon crossings
O'Briensbridge (Shannon) 1780 - 1810 52°45’8"N, 8°29’55"W East of O'Briensbridge, Co. Clare Carries the R466 from O'Briensbridge, Co. Clare into Montpelier, County Limerick. Replaced former bridge around 1750, partially replaced in 1842, and modified to include a navigation arch in the 1920s. O'Briens bridge over Shannon.jpg
The Blackwater distributary river splits off to the west from the Shannon at Drumeen
main Shannon crossings
The Living Bridge 2007 52°40’36"N, 8°34’13"W University of Limerick main campus Pedestrian bridge. Links the main campus on the south bank (in County Limerick) to student residences on the north bank (in County Clare). UniversityOfLimerick LivingBridge.jpeg
University Bridge 2004 52°40’41"N, 8°34’35"W University of Limerick main campus Links the main campus on the south bank to student residences on the north bank University Bridge, Limerick (geograph 2026189).jpg
Black Bridge/
"Plassey Bridge"
1840s 52°40’41"N, 8°34’48"W Plassey, County Limerick Pedestrian bridge links Thomond Village, County Clare to the old mill works at Plassey, County Limerick
Blackwater River crossings
Errina Bridge 52°43’59"N, 8°31’60"W Errina, County Clare Close to the Ardnacrusha Canal (100 yards to the north)
Bridge at Gillogue 52°41’9"N, 8°34’19"W East of Gillogue office park, County Clare Narrow single lane stone bridge. Unmarked lane.
The Shannon and Blackwater rejoin at Thomond village
Athlunkard Bridge 1825 - 1830 52°40’52"N, 8°36’36"W Corbally, Co. Limerick Carries the R463 between Corbally Road on the outskirts of Limerick and Athlunkard Avenue in Corbally, County Clare. RooskyOldBuilding Feb 2003 169.jpg
Parteen Railway Bridge 2010 52°40’53"N, 8°37’40"W Thomondgate, County Limerick Limerick-Galway railway line. Used until 1980s for Limerick-Claremorris line. Restored in early 2008.
Ardnacrusha headrace canal crossings
canal bridge, O'Briensbridge 52°45’11"N, 8°30’24"W West of the village of O'Briensbridge, Co. Clare Carries the R466 from O'Briensbridge into Bridgetown
Ardnacrusha power plant 1928 52°42’20"N, 8°36’44"W Southwest of Ardnacrusha within County Clare approximately a mile from the Limerick border ESB Group private property. It is Ireland's largest river hydroelectric scheme. Ardnacrusha.jpg
The Shannon and Ardnacrusha canal rejoin at Thomas Island
The Shannon splits around King's Island in Limerick City with the Abbey River being a distributary branch to the east
Abbey River crossings
Baal's Bridge 1830 - 1831 52°39’59"N, 8°37’13"W Limerick Carries Mary Street from George's Quay on King's Island to Charlotte's Quay on the south side of Limerick. Replaced (old) Baal's Bridge, erected in c. 16th century, demolished in 1829, and bridges have stood here since at least the 12th century.
Bishop O'Dwyer Bridge 1931 52°40’10"N, 8°37’5"W Limerick Carries Athlunkard Street from Sir Harry's Mall to the Grove Island Roundabout. Replaced Park Bridge built in 1835.
Abbey Bridge 1999 52°39’60"N, 8°37’9"W Limerick Carries Island Road from King's Island to the Milk Market.
Mathew Bridge 1844 - 1846 52°40’1"N, 8°37’25"W Limerick Carries Bridge Street (R463) from King's Island to Rutland Street on the south side of Limerick city. Mathew Bridge, Limerick (5647466929).jpg
Sylvester O'Halloran Bridge 1987 52°39’55"N, 8°37’26"W Limerick Pedestrian Bridge from the Potato Market, King's Island to behind the Hunt Museum on the south side of Limerick city. LimerickSunsetPotatoMarket.jpgLimerick - Potato market.JPG
Shannon River crossings at King's Island
Thomond Bridge 52°40’13"N, 8°37’38"W Limerick Links Castle Street on King's Island to High Road on the Northwest bank Limerick - Thomond Bridge - - 331738.jpgLimerick.jpg
Sarsfield Bridge 1835 52°39’55"N, 8°37’49"W Limerick Swing bridge (non-functioning). Originally known as the Wellesley Bridge. The Club on the Bridge - Shannon Rowing Club, Limerick (24472781340).jpg Limerick Clarion Hotel Green for St Patricks day behind Sarsfield Bridge.jpg
The Shannon and Abbey rejoin below Kings Island
Shannon Bridge 1986 52°39’44"N, 8°38’6"W Limerick R527, last bridge in the city and over the Shannon From Sarsfield Bridge (geograph 1818912).jpg
(as seen from Sarsfield Bridge)
Limerick Tunnel 2010 52°39’19"N, 8°41’12"W Limerick Carries the N18, the western part of the Limerick Southern Ring Road. Preparing to go under the Shannon (geograph 3685429).jpg
Shannon Ferry 1969 52°36’53"N, 9°22’49"W Killimer, County Clare - Tarbert Island, County Kerry Ro-ro ferry. Part of the N67 Killimer Ferryport - - 12757.jpg

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