Craigvinean Forest

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Ossian's Cave, at The Hermitage

Craigvinean Forest is a woodland a mile west of Dunkeld in Perthshire, off the A9. It is accessed through a track at the foot of Deuchary Hill.

The River Braan bisects the forest and tumbles here through a series of fair cascades, known as the Falls of the Braan.

The Hermitage is to be found in a section of the forest.

Folklore and folly

The Falls of the Braan by The Hermitage

Legend tells that Ossian lived here, a third-century Celtic bard whose mother was turned into a deer by Fer Doirich. He is said to have inhabited a cave which can be found on the north bank of the Braan located upstream from Ossian's Hall, a Victorian folly which is replete with Corinthian architrave and cornice. This folly was built on a horseshoe plan facing a waterfall and so amplifies the roaring sound of water.

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