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The Carlins Loup, Carlops.jpg
The Carlins Loup, Carlops
Grid reference: NT160560
Location: 55°47’26"N, 3°20’24"W
Post town: Penicuik
Postcode: EH26
Local Government
Council: Scottish Borders

Carlops is a small village in the Pentland Hills, within Peeblesshire, but butted up against the border with Midlothian, here marked by the River North Esk. The A702 runs through the village, on the route from Upper Clydesdale to Edinburgh, following the route of a Roman road which crossed the burn at the same point.

There is a parish church here, and one pub (the Allan Ramsay)

Carlops sits at the very edge of the Pentland Hills, with the hills to the west while the village is at the edge of the lower ground stretching out eastwards toward the Moorfoot Hills. Carlops Hill rises at the eastern edge of the village, a subsidiary hill of Mount Maw. There is a petrifying spring on its slopes.

The village was founded in 1784 and developed cotton weaving, coal mining and limestone mining.

The name of the village is taken from a location just south of where the village stands today, where there are two exposed rock-faces about 65 feet in height, facing each other and with a similar distance between them. Folklore maintained that witches would leap from one face to the other, over the chasm, for entertainment of an evening. This gave them the name 'Carlins Lowp', which is Scots for "Witches' Leap".

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