Blanerne Castle

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Blanerne Castle


The remains of Blanerne Castle near Edrom - - 1288674.jpg
The remains of Blanerne Castle
Type: Fortified house
Grid reference: NT831563
Location: 55°48’1"N, 2°16’12"W
Village: Edrom
Built 16th century
Condition: Ruined

Blanerne Castle is a ruined 16th-century fortified house, located in the grounds of Blanerne House, an 18th-century country house between Chirnside and Preston in Berwickshire.

The house and castle stand on the north bank of the Whiteadder Water, around four miles north-east of Duns. The house is currently operated as a guest house, offering access to fishing and game shooting. Both the house and castle are category B listed buildings,[1][2] and the castle is further protected as a Scheduled Ancient Monument.[3]

Blanerne Castle

The castle was the historical seat of the Lumsdaine family for over four centuries. The surviving remains are dated to the 16th century, although the site may have been occupied as far back as the 12th century. The remains include a keep or kitchen block, with a detached guard house to the west.[2]

A popular Berwickshire rhyme refers to the mediæval strengths of Blanerne and the nearby fortresses of Billie Castle, and Bonkyll Castle referring to their construction in the time of David I and their destruction following the Rough wooing:

Bunkle, Billie and Blanerne
Three castles strong as airn
Built when Davie was a Bairn
Theyll all gang doon,
Wi Scotland's Croon
An ilka ane shall be a cairn.

Blanerne House

The house was constructed in the 18th century. Around 1830, plans for the house were prepared by the architect William Burn, although these may not have been carried out. A major fire in 1895 led to the rebuilding of the house in its present form, in 1897.[1]

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