Biel Water

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Biel Mill on the Biel Water

The Biel Water is a river running through East Lothian. It beautifies the Biel Estate by the village of Biel.

The waters originate on Lammermuir, on the slopes of Clints Dod on Dunbar Common, from which runs a burn named Thorter Burn which becomes the Whittinghame Water. The Biel as such and by that name begins from the junction of the Whittinghame Water with the Luggate Burn at Ruchlaw Mains.

From the Luggate Burn, the Biel runs through the Biel Estate, at Bielmill, Bielhill and Biel. Below the estate the river turns northwest for a mile and a half before passing beneath the A1 and the main railway line and thence to West Barns and into Belhaven Bay, with its rather unusual bridge, just west of Dunbar.


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Coordinates: 55°58′25″N 2°36′18″W / 55.97357°N 2.60507°W / 55.97357; -2.60507