Ashford, North Devon

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St Peter's church, Ashford - - 1349186.jpg
St Peter's Church, Ashford
Grid reference: SS533352
Location: 51°5’53"N, 4°5’46"W
Post town: Barnstaple
Postcode: EX31
Local Government

Ashford is a village in northern Devon a mile west of Barnstaple, standing a little to the north of the broad estuary of the River Taw. At the 2001 census it had a population of 273.

Despite its name, there is no ford at Ashford: the origin of the name is in a distortion of an original 'Ashworth', from the Old English Æsc weorþ meaning "ash-tree enclosure". The name is recorded as Aiscawurde in 1182.

Parish church

The parish church of St Peter is a grade II* listed building. The tower was rebuilt in 1798 and the remainder in 1854.[1]

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  1. National Heritage List 1107140: Church of St Peter, Ashford
Ashford from a distance