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Alvah Parish Church at Kirktown of Alvah

Alvah is a parish in north-eastern Banffshire, three miles south-west of Banff. The origin of the name of this place, which in different records is variously spelled, is lost to obscurity. The church is a plain edifice, erected in 1792.

Alvah and the adjoining parish of Forglen were originally united, but before the middle of the seventeenth century, they were erected into separate parishes. The parish extends in length about six miles and at its greatest breadth about the same, but in some places to little more than two. On the north and north-west, Alvah is bounded by the parish of Banff on the north-west, on the north-east by Gamrie on the south-west by Marnoch, on the south by Forglen, and on the south-east by the Aberdeenshire parishes of Turriff and King Edward. The boundary with the latter two also forms the county border.

The A97 road from Banff to Huntly passes from the north-east to south-west while the River Deveron waters the eastern boundary.

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