Aberedw Castle

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Aberedw Castle


Still standing - geograph.org.uk - 1328127.jpg
The best preserved part of Aberedw Castle
Location: 52°7’1"N, 3°20’41"W
Village: Aberedw
Built 1093
Condition: Ruined

Aberedw Castle stands in ruins beside the small village of Aberedw in Radnorshire. It is also known as 'Castle in Elfael Uwch Mynydd',[1]


The castle was signed to Walter Heckelutel, in accordance with a licence to crenellate granted by King Edward I in 1284. It is also suggested however, that the castle dates back to 1093 when the Normans invaded these lands.[2]

Aberedw is more famously known to be the residence of Llewelyn ap Gruffydd, known as Llewelyn the Last, final native Prince of Wales. The retreat to Aberedw was the last Llewelyn made before he was slain in battle at Builth Wells.

Aberedw was a rectangular stone castle with circular towers,[3] surrounded by a moat approximately 10 to 20 yards wide.[1] Today it is a ruin. Even the ruin as it then stood was destroyed by railway works in the 19th century, and a remnant of the wall stands. Many stones from the castle were used in the construction of the foundations of the railway track.[4]

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